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At Blue Mountains Fitness our passion is health and fitness and we are committed to supplying quality fitness services for your needs while making sure you are equipped to succeed. We ensure you have the support and accountability to stick to your plan and achieve your goals in the time-frame required.

Whether you are looking for weight loss, increased fitness, body toning, better flexibility, strength and conditioning programming, sports or event training, we can help you achieve these goals.


We do this with our tailored Personal Training Programs and Group Classes or our specific Event Coaching and Training sessions.

Enquire with us directly to find out just why our sessions work better than the rest.

What We Do
Gym Session Enquiry

For guided runs:

Guided Run Enquiry

What we do


At BMF we have a wide range of services that will help you achieve your goals: 


  • Personal Training

  • Group Classes

    • On-line classes

    • Cardio Boxing Programs

    • Stretch and Flexibility

    • Run Groups

  • Event Coaching and Guided Trail Runs in the Blue Mountains

    • Ultra Trail Australia

    • Glow Worm Tunnel

    • Hounslow Classic

  • Online Personal Training and Run Coaching using Trainerize 

For on-line sessions:

Or take a look at the group run training calendar HERE

Or take a look at the group training time-table HERE

Find out more about the Blue Mountains Fitness team HERE

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