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It may be a cliché, but it's the people who make BMF what it is.  Without their willingness to place their trust in us we'd not be able to produce the results that we do.  Their testimonials speak for themselves.


I would like to thank you, for giving me back my life. My children have told me, that I am much happier, now that I am exercising. I feel so much better, physically and emotionally. I look forward to the classes and the company of like minded boot campers. - Judy 



I woke up at 40 and didn't like what I saw anymore - overweight (diagnosed obese by my GP) and overworked. I was so unfit that every time I started something I gave up because it was too hard. No amount of wardrobe experimenting made a difference - it all looked bad in the mirror to me. It didn't matter what my friends said in relation to true beauty being on the inside (which it is), I truly didn't believe it. I was tired of hearing excuses like "it's just the ageing process". I spent a lot of time hiding from social opportunities and when I attended an event, I just wasn't confident. I used to be fit and healthy. It was like I was a mummy entombed in someone else's shell. Essentially, I had lost my 'mojo'. Well, 6 months later and I have regained my mojo and I did it through exercise and inspiration!

Tony was the rock behind me losing weight and getting fit. Watching your trainer and his clients kick butt with their own fitness goals, and in Tony's case some really massive events, is truly inspiring. You get to see what you might be capable of if you just give it a go. That combined with Tony's training style and I really couldn't fail. Tony held me accountable for my actions but he never judged, nor treated me with disrespect when times got hard. He just kept motivating through his words and by getting into the exercise with you. In all, I lost 22kg (size 14 down to size 8). I achieved my first goal which was a half marathon and I am now a member of Triathlon Australia. My sights are set on a half ironman next year overseas. My work/life balance is in check, I make sure I have time for myself every day because I now know that exercise actually changes the way you think. My friends have come to agree that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You just have to believe. Thank you Tony. - Natasha 



With the new year approaching I began my annual ritual of making a New Year's resolution to get fit and lose weight - except I hesitated as I was sick of breaking my resolution by the second day of the New Year. Thankfully for me that was when I met Tony Williams of Blue Mountain Fitness. Tony has not only helped me change my life but has motivated me by his example and his belief in my ability to achieve anything. Tony knows what I am capable of, helps me set short term and long term goals and assist me in achieving things I never thought possible. Recently Tony trained me along with a group of my friends from the Blue Mountains Fitness Circuit class, to complete the 25km Woodford to Glenbrook Classic - my family are still in awe that I attempted it never mind completed it, as I had previously considered walking from the end of the car park, a trek! I am now training for a half marathon in a few weeks and look forward to setting a goal for my next challenge, with

Tony's help.  I had always had a gym membership and never managed to achieve anything, I now realise that it is not enough to have the opportunity to work out - you have to want it and use a holistic approach, with the help of Tony and Blue Mountains Fitness I have lost 15kg and am more motivated than ever to continue on my journey.


If you need help with diet advice, training schedule, personal training sessions and motivational input - let Blue Mountains Fitness work with you to achieve your goals - Tony helped me and will do the same for you! This morning while on a walk/run to Echo Point, we met a fellow fitness participant visiting the Mountains and she hit the nail on the head when she said "It's great to have someone to work out with!" Tony leads by example, always makes the sessions fun, interesting and different and goes the extra mile in helping you to exceed your wildest dreams - I never thought that at 46 I'd be able to do half the things I am now able to do! - Lorraine 



Tony works in a way that is both challenging and motivating at the same time. He just has that special knack that is not aggressive but nor does he let you 'off the hook'. I really appreciate that. Sometimes it is actually what you need in this situation when it is easy to invent excuses for why you are not reaching your goals. Also he injects humour which is also a good skill in such a context! It is also a great and friendly group with everyone working hard for themselves. It is a revelation that I am consistently getting up in the dark cold mountain mornings to come to class. So that speaks for itself to me. - Libby 



I wanted to show you, after all the extra time you spent with me, that I have continued on my weight loss journey. I have now lost 20KG in total, that is an extra 10 kg after since I left the blue mountains. I am now under 100kg. My next goal is 90kg. I am so very thankful for your support when I was up there. I don't know if you remember my story; that I used to be obsessed about my health but then 2 years ago I just gave up exercising, eating well, doing grocery shopping, stopped taking my medication for my thyroid condition, I had even stopped caring. I did not even know it happened until it was too late. I could no longer recognise myself. I felt utterly ashamed for being overweight even though I am a naturopath, nutritionalist and almost a Doctor. Being up in the blue mountains, having 3 weeks to focus on myself (instead of everyone else in my life) helped me find myself again. I now feel more at peace. I don't think you even realise your part in this. But by training with me - by pushing me to my limits, you made me remember what I am capable of. You show me that I can be the person I used to be again, and that I had the ability to loose the 50kg of weight I had put on. This is one of the biggest challenges I have ever had to do, but I know I will get to my goal of 70kg eventually. I am eternally greatful to you for helping me through this process. It is sometimes the simplest acts of kindness that can help change a persons life, and i just wanted you to know that your kindness has helped change my life. - Kathryn 

Ursula and Ross


Thankyou both so much, Ross and I had a great week, we got so much more out of it than we expected! You both go that extra mile, which shows your dedication and committment to really helping those who want and need it. You both are great mentors, living and breathing what you preach, giving us a real direction to change our lifestyles to become stronger, healthier and hopefully better looking :) people. Tash, firstly - you are an inspiration! where you have been and what you have done and where you are now - I commend you! I know you are very focused on life balance, so I can honestly say the whole week was very balanced! excercise, seminars, eating and sleeping!! both of us felt that it was very well planned and executed, to ensure there was not too much or too little of something! (loved that it was so organised) Tony, having a trainer who "is" what they are teaching is any clients dream, and the way you bring your life into it (ie your personal stories, both for you and your wife) is truly admirable. Training with the locals was a nice touch also, listening to their stories and challenges, gave us more direction and dedication. Well done to both of you for teaming up and producing these fitness, health and lifestyle education weeks (thats what they are!). To sum it all up: First day of the rest of my life Intense but enjoyable The best bootcamp New challenges Every day counts Set goals SUCCESS My mantra: My time is now! :) Thanks heaps for the programs attached - you forgot to attach the invoice for the HR monitors - please send and I will transfer money straight away! Will be in touch real soon with progress and questions ;) Take care both of you Thanks again for the awesome week, Kindest Regards, Ursula and Ross 


Hi Tony

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my experience of running with BMF, the whole process registering and information received was spot-on and with just the right level of detail.  I really appreciated the support the whole way along the run and especially found the support of Shawn when I was struggling in the back half to be very reassuring and gave me just the right level of encouragement as well as his Sports Jellybeans that kept me going.  Please pass on my thanks as I was quite worried at one point and he reassured me and then kept a close eye on me until I rallied.  All of your trainers gave really good advice along the trail with some great hints and tips.  I would definitely recommend Blue Mountains Fitness to anyone who wanted a quality and friendly running group.


With heartfelt thanks - Karen Graham

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